Dressing Your Store To Impress

Everyone knows that first impressions are everything. Not only is this true in the social world, but the same rules apply in the marketplace as well. If your store front isn’t the most inviting, you can be kissing customers goodbye before you’ve even had a chance to show them your goods. Learn how dressing up your storefront can make your store more amazing, and create return sales like never before.

Be trendy but not gimmicky

Yes, you want your store to be fun, cool, and inviting, but you don’t want to make your shop look so trendy that it’s laughable. This means go ahead and install the recessed lighting, but move forward with caution, suggest the experts at

This means choose color schemes that work well with the overall atmosphere you are going for (in other words, don’t install black lights unless you are a dance club), use clear signage to invite customers in without skewing what you are selling, and stick with trendy pieces and technology that fit your shop’s intention. As always, a clean outer appearance means a more welcoming atmosphere within.

It’s advised to make sure that your shop looks well-lit, so use neutral colors to brighten up the space you have, and make sure your store looks welcoming to guests by always having soft, uplifting music playing in the background. If your shop is one that encourages sticking around for a while, offer comfortable seating so your customers know they can kick back as they browse through your products.

Make your shop smarter

Especially crucial for technology shops, interactive kiosks and demos are key to making any store more inviting for customers. Rather than just using paper advertising to boost sales and product awareness, use informative kiosks and booths to draw customer interest. You can do this with touch screens, televisions on display, and display gadgets that customers can see as soon as they walk in. Just like a tablet kiosk often has interactive displays so customers can compare one tablet to another, you can have displays that customers can play with to pique their interest and keep them engaged with whatever product you may be selling.

Keeping your customers entertained and involved is a great way to not only keep them coming back, but to encourage them to bring their friends the next time they come. The cooler your store is in the eyes of technology lovers, the greater likelihood that they will return - and bring their posse with them.

Encouraging staff make a difference as well

Nothing turns away customers more than an empty-looking shop, so make sure you have staff on-hand that are not only friendly, but encouraging as well. You want your staff to greet customers happily when they walk in, and give them an incentive to stay. Be it an offering of a brochure or simply turning on an interactive display, your staff should be anticipating the needs of your customers so they are more likely to both come in and browse around for a minute. A store that looks occupied will draw in bigger crowds, and the people in these crowds are more likely to return if they like what they see and how they are treated.


Making your shop amazing doesn’t mean totally changing your layout to appeal to customers. You can easily boost customer retention by incorporating welcoming design ideas, great customer service, and interactive tools to keep customers coming back for more. After all, you want your customers to have an impression that your store is cool and inviting, not boring and lackluster, and giving your storefront a little facelift may be all you need to help boost better sales. 


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