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Reiew: iSkysoftTunesOver for Mac
By: Diyana   |    November 23, 2012   |   1 Comments (1) (0)

Managing all our media content stored on our iPhone or iPod or iPad using Mac will now become easy after reading this review. iSkysoftTunesOver for Mac is the software I’ve been reviewing since two weeks and finally I’m here to share my personal experience regarding the software.

I must tell you that it’s not a converter software neither it’s a PC Suite rather it’s a simple tool using which you can manage three types of media files you got in your iDevices.

iSkysoftTunesOver for Mac

It’s a paid software which can be used for a week using its free trial in case you want to pay after getting your own hands on it. It supports latest Mac OS and previous versions as well.

There are lots of features to talk about but I’ll rather start my review with the user interface of this application. It’s simply awesome in design and extremely easy to use. I didn’t found any problem at all for finding different tools according to my requirement and the very elegant looking user interface was able to get my attention all the time.

After installing iSkysoftTunesOver on my Mac, I was in a hurry to go through all of its features instantly. It was all due to the elegant and simple user interface which is much needed for a software application to be good.

Now coming to the things which can be done using it, you can transfer not just media files but also playlists from all your iDevices to the Mac and can even take backup of them, just in case.

You can copy music, video or photo files from iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to your Mac or even into the iTunes account directly. The remaining media format i.e. voice memos are also supported by the software. Once you have this application running then you can never lose the music or media collection you’re having on your iPhone or iPod touch or iPad.

Using this application users can not just transfer files from iDevice to Mac but they can even take the backup of those files using its one-click backup feature. That backup file can be kept into the locker elsewhere which can be used in worst cases like you lost your iPhone or anything familiar.

In starting of this review, I told you that it’s not a converter application but that time I lied to you. It has got an inbuilt tiny converter using which you can convert file formats into the one which are supported by the device you’re using. But this tool doesn’t support all the formats so it isn’t a complete converter.

Once your device is connected then this application automatically shows option which you’ll think to use of. Like for taking backup or transferring the files. The UI is extremely simple which means you won’t find any trouble while using any of its features.

It also got a search tool which is visible everywhere within using which you can easily find any file in case you’re not sure of its location. My overall experience while using iSkysoftTunesOver was pretty awesome and I can recommend it to any user in need.

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Mary Seo commented on December 19, 2013

I love e-cigarettes! They are more safe for your health

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