E-Tailing, The Fashion Equalizer

E-tailer Ulrikkelund Tictail

Technology marches on, and while it does, whole industries get a massive facelift. Where once fashion retail was only a business for the big boys, e-commerce has torn down the barriers to entry and made it possible for even small startups to get rolling. Affectionately dubbed e-tailing, this online fashion retail will – once it catches on – further reshape the face of the industry, as it already has made waves.

In recent years, simple blogging tools have democratised mass media, putting the power of publishing in the hands of the many. Now, new e-commerce tools are having a similar impact in online retailing, radically lowering barriers to entry and enabling small business owners and hobbyists alike, who often lack the technical know-how and capital to launch their own traditional e-commerce sites, to set up simple online stores.


Online marketplaces like Etsy allow cottage industry ‘makers’ to launch their own e-commerce storefronts and reach a sizable audience, all for a modest fee. (Read More)

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