Effective Tips on How to Stop Sweaty Hands

Stop sweaty hands

Though sweaty hands are not any major problem, it causes embarrassment in certain situation like when you are shaking hands or writing in public. Some people suffer from sweaty palms when they are nervous. In such a condition shaking hands or handling papers in public causes embarrassment. In order to learn about how to stop sweaty hands stop facing such uncomfortable situation, follow the below mentioned tips to stop hand sweating.

You may suffer from a condition called hyperhidrosis. This problem leads to hands excess hand sweating. Consult a doctor to stop hand sweating due to hyperhidrosis. The medical practitioner will prescribe some medicines to cure the problem. Those who do not suffer from this problem, yet suffering from sweaty hands may use antiperspirant to stop excess sweating. Carry it in your purse and apply it on the palm and parts on hand whenever possible. Antiperspirant will help in controlling the problem of hand wetting.  You can also carry a small cloth for absorbing the sweat. Microfiber cloths are good absorbent. These clothes are very effective in wiping sweaty hands.

You can also use baby powder to control excess sweating of hands and foot. These are good absorbent. You can also use the natural products like cornstarch. Cornstarch is cheap and easily available, anyone can use it. You can carry a small container of cornstarch in your bag and use it whenever needed. Some also use thick lotion to block the pores. This tip also helps in stopping hands from excess sweating. In extreme cases you may have to opt for operation to control sweating.

Few Tips on Preventing Hands from Excess Sweating

Wash hands frequently with water.
Stop wearing finger rings or gloves.
Avoid wearing long sleeved shirts or full covered clothes.
Consult your medical practitioner on a regular basis. Take his guidance in monitoring palm sweating.
Use tissues or hand towel to keep the palms dry.
Avoid pressing your palm against a hard surface for long.

Besides, these above mentioned issues, you can also check find out more about how to stop sweaty hands from the internet. You can also browse various health website to learn about keeping your hands clean and dry throughout the day. Thus, keep your hands dry and it will save all embarrassment in public.  

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