Electrical Risk and Safety Issues of Spa Pool lighting

Spa lighting

Several hazards are associated with spa lighting. Underwater lights in a spa pool can be fatal in some cases. It is because electricity which is required for lighting and water do not get mixed up. Therefore you should prepare yourself for emergencies and take all the necessary measures for ensuring safety in your hot tub. You must have the correct lighting for the sake of decorations and safety. Lighting can lead to electrocution if it is not installed and maintained properly

Dangerous effects

The water of the spa conducts electricity and when the current is exposed; your entire spa water can become dangerous. The electrical dangers around the spa pool can cause several deaths and injuries. This occurs mostly when someone in the pool becomes injured by a stray current and someone else jumps in for saving the victim. It results in serious shocks or multiple electrocutions.

Detecting the problem

You have to first identify the problem. The lights are often placed in and around the pools. If you have faulty underwater lights or old electric wiring, safety issues can arise. Moreover if you make use of power washers, pumps and vacuums that are not grounded properly, you can face electrical hazard. Furthermore electrical risk can take place due to extension cords or electrical appliance falling into your spa water.

Installing GFCI

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupts are the special outlets designed for interrupting the current of an electric device at the outlet. The GFCI is required if there is an irregularity in the power of the current. GFCI helps to prevent electrocution in case of malfunctioning like in case of a short in pool lighting. The absence of GFCI devices connecting to the power of your home to the spa lights can lead to a bigger risk of electrocution.

Repairing spa lights

If you don’t repair the light of your pool, it can cause water leakage. The water leakage can reach the light circuit, causing an electrical current to enter the area of your spa. Therefore your lighting should be watertight for preventing shock hazards.

Accessing the power source

Sometimes the danger of hot tub lighting occurs when you are not prepared for an emergency. In general an electrical emergency in the spa associated with lighting will only affect those present in the pool physically. The risk will not stop till the electric current is shut off. If you can’t access the switch controlling the power or if it is not present in an observable location, the current can harm those present in the pool for a longer period of time.

Availing proper rescue tools

The lack of proper rescue tools can also be dangerous in case of electrical mishap in the hot tub. If you have a hot tub pool, you should get easier access to rescue hook or fiberglass shepherd’s crook for pulling the victim from the water. If you dive in to save the victim, it won’t be helpful to you as the pool water is electrically charged. On the other hand this will lead to a more dangerous result. 

Opting for expert installation and maintenance

If you don’t install your pool light by an expert, there will be a greater possibility of improper installation which can cause electrical risk in your pool. If you simply neglect to appoint professionals for installation or fail to maintain lights of your spa pool properly, it can bring about electrical hazards.

Install your spa lighting and get it checked by a proficient electrician regularly. If required you can also have an emergency plan posted near your pool with actions outlined for avoiding an electrocution.


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