Emu Oil Body Care

Emu oil is an oil that comes from the fat of an Australian Emu. The emu is a large ostrich like bird. Natural emu oil, a powerful remedy with a broad range of usage, was discovered years ago by Australian Aborigines.

Benefits of Emu Oil

Being a natural emollient, the emu oil can penetrate deep below the outer layer of our skin. That is the layer where the regeneration of cells take place. Known for its moisturizing and non pore clogging qualities, it has the ability to treat dry and sensitive skin. Another wonderful skincare benefit is its anti ageing effect. Studies has shown that applying emu oil onto the skin regularly can help reduce fine lines, wrinkles and age spots.

As the emu oil is proven to be hypo-allergenic and has a very high purity level, it is often used on burn victims to help them in their healing process. Long term usage of the emu oil alleviates their pain and reduces scarring and blisters.

Athletes have also realised the benefits of emu oil and take emu oil capsules for faster healing of their injuries that they are more prone to. These common injuries are muscle strains, injured ligaments and sprains. They also use emu oil to massage the affected areas.

The anti-inflammatory properties of the emu oil also helps patients with arthritis to reduce their stiffness in their joints. Used as a natural medicine, it has other benefits like it helps to reduce stretch marks, relieving the pain of cuts and scrapes and reduces itching or redness that is caused by sensitve hair.

Emu oil is so useful that it can literally be used for every part of the body. The emu oil can be used on your hair to act as a fortifying agent for flat and limp hair. It revitalizes the scalp and helps to eliminate any split ends of your hair. The result of which is a head of natural and healthy shiny hair.

Emu oil comes in many forms. It can be applied externally or taken orally. With its wide range of benefits and being a natural solution to many health issues, many people have jumped onto the bandwagon of applying emu oil lotion on their skin or eating emu oil capsules. Taking the emu oil capsules daily is one of the easiest and most convenient way to maximize its health benefits. It can be an option to replace your fish oil capsules. A drop of emu oil can allow your body to receive multiple benefits at all levels of your body.


A fantastic natural alternative for a healthy body, it is a great choice compared to expensive formulas or supplements that may contain unnatural preservatives. They may carry negative side effects or your body could have a violent allergic reaction to it. It is an inexpensive and practical way to treat your body the safe way. If you experiencing ageing effect like wrinkles or suffering from sprains, aches or scars, the emu oil may be the solution to solving these issues.


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