Enigmatic Transylvania (ET Tour)

If you ever find yourself thinking “where do I want to travel?” remember this story about my country, a quaint realm full of wildlife, amazing forests and lovely murmurous rivers at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains. But do not be fooled by the tranquil and serene environment as it is said it would be haunted by Count Dracula, the most famous vampire of the world. Its scenic castles (Bran, Hunedoara, Bánffy and Poienari) are nothing else but eerie places full of evil spirits struggling to make their presence felt and to lure the travellers into their nets. If you are ready to confront them and you have no fear of ghosts then this is the right tour for you - an entertaining and adventurous ET Tour.
This dark tour will start on the banks of the Dâmbovița River, there where Vlad Dracul has established his new residence – Bucharest - in order to better defend his country against the Ottoman threat. Even though many people don't know exactly where our capital is on the map, Bucharest travel can be quite an unexpected challenge for everyone: hundreds of churches and monasteries, crooked streets that invite you to navigate in  a long gone world, majestic buildings and boulevards that remind you the story of this controversial historical city, exciting museums and luxury ostentatious cars. All of them reveal to you the identity of this European capital but for us the peak of interest is represented by a small hotel in the heart of the city which is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young student who unfortunately died there by accident. 
We then continue our trip via Curtea de Arges to Poenari Citadel and further through an incredibly spectacular route (Transfagarasean) to Hunedoara to see with our own eyes the ghostly apparitions and to feel the presence of certain spirits at Hunedoara Castle, where Dracula was held prisoner.
Then we turn and go up the road to Cluj-Napoca to visit Bonțida Bánffy Castle and the dark marvelous forest Hoia Baciu around the city that also has a reputation for paranormal activity.
On our way back to Bucharest we stop at the iconic Bran Castle, another prison for our cruel Prince Vlad Dracul.
Popular Ghostlore Romanian stories will entertain us while Dracula himself will guide us along the way and the terrific local landscape will comfort us. So, please do not refuse my kindly invitation to visit my transcendental country!


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