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Enjoy winter celebrations like kids do !
By: Kryss   |    November 28, 2012   |   0 Comments (0) (0)

Traveling with children in Romania during the winter holidays can be a real treat, with the gorgeous architecture of the cities lit to celebrate the season, with shows, museums, restaurants and Christmas markets where Santa Claus hidden his tent in the middle of a park ready to cater to the entire family…
Christmas trees and seasonal lights are twinkling along the avenues and through the windows of individual apartments.
Kids will adore the window displays and the night time sweeping views over the snowy cities.
Here, winter is traditionally the season for pork specialties: sausages, drum, hog’s pudding, pork stuffed cabbage, rind, kozunac cake… served in small quantities – as they are quite beefy - alongside pickles, polenta and red wine for parents or delicious red fruit syrup for children.
For real authenthic experiences the traditional restaurants of Outlaws’ Hut in the mountains or Lady’s Terrace in the capital are recommended.
For all details and premium customized arrangements for your own getaway, you can visit https://yourpersonaltravelconciergeinromania.wordpress.com.

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