Ethical Fashion's Pop-Up Retail Stores

The New York Times

Sustainable textiles are hard to find while shopping for new clothes, but Amanda Hearst and Hassam Pierre have teamed up to not only create a line of ethical fashion, but they are also putting up pop-up stores to sell said clothing. Is sustainability something you look for when shopping for clothes?


“I think some people still don’t really know what ethical fashion is,” Amanda Hearst says. The editor and activist, a contributor to Town and Country and a former Marie Claire columnist, has for several years sought to spread the word by promoting (and wearing) labels that use organically grown, recycled and sustainably harvested fabrics and employ artisan collectives in the developing world. When Hearst met the young New York designer Hassan Pierre — whose Way It Should Be and Basic collections use materials ranging from organic cotton jersey to discarded cassette tape — the two discovered a shared wish to create a retail platform for the movement’s best offerings. Read More


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