Ever-lasting Coat Trends

When it comes to the perfect coat, you can’t go wrong with choosing a style that is always on-trend. Knowing how to find the right coat that will never fade in style is essential to having a wardrobe that will outlast any fad. Learn what makes a cost forever trendy, so you can enjoy your favorite warm winter accessory while looking amazing at the same time!

Patterns that never fade

Certain patterns of coats never go out of style. You can’t go wrong with classic plaid in bold black and red tones, hounds tooth in cream or tan, or solid pastels with large buttons to make them stand out. These patterns are great for coats because they are not only flattering, but timeless as well. If you want a coat that will outlast all trends, stick with positive patterns that will never fail you.

Avoid patterns that are too trendy, such as animal prints, stripes, floral prints, or polka dots. Sure, these hues and patterns are pretty for the season, but they will quickly fade in popularity and you will be left with a closet full of coats that are gathering dust. You want to choose warm and comfortable coats that will be forever flattering, not quickly make you look like a fashion victim. Choose patterns wisely, and you can avoid missing the mark.

The style you choose

Looking for a coat that will always look flattering on you and remain in style for years to come? Welcome to the pea coat, a timeless and classic winter coat that works great with every body type. What makes this style of coat so ever-popular, claims, is the way that it is worn- with a tie at the waist, deep pockets, and feminine button closures, the pea coat in any color is always top of the trends.

To ensure that you get a pea coat you will love, make sure the cut is just right- not too low on the hips but not too high on the buttocks. Also, choose a color that accents your skin tone, so you will love your timeless coat as much as it will love you back. Choosing a classic pea coat that flatters your frame will make you feel amazing every time you walk out the door.

Comfort and style all in one

You can achieve the perfect coat by avoiding the fashion pitfalls that many people get sucked into. Look for a coat with a straight-laced design, rather than one that flares at the hips and has shoulder pads. Stick with solid jewel tones rather than neon trends, and opt for wide belts in your coat rather over a coat that lacks a belt in its entirety so you can always own a piece of outerwear that you will love for a lifetime.

Quite simply, when choosing a coat that is timeless in style, think of it this way- is the coat you are shopping for one that you will want to wear 5 years from now? Are you choosing a coat because it will work well with trendy plus size clothing choices, are you choosing a coat out of societal pressure? If you aren’t positive you will love this coat for a lifetime, then it likely isn’t going to remain trendy in the public eye for long, either.

When it comes to choosing a coat that looks great on your body, going with a style of coat that will never die is the perfect style choice. All you have to do is choose great patterns, go with a timeless style that flatters your body, and avoid too-trendy fashion pieces and you will be sure to nab yourself a beautiful coat that you will love to wear year after year!

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