Expensive Trucks and SUVs from 2012

Lamborghini's take on what an SUV should be

As my wife is the bigger fan of SUVs in our relationship, the first thing I did when I saw the Lamborghini take on “trucks” was call her right over because it looks so awesome. She wasn’t impressed, but I sure am.


Ferruccio Lamborghini, founder of the high performance car company that bears his surname, built tractors before he built sports cars. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that Lamborghini has been working on a sports utility vehicle, the Urus, which is now in the prototype stage awaiting the go-ahead for production. Bentley has a truck in the works too, the EXP 9 F Concept. Even Maserati has announced plans to build the elusive Kubang (or something like it). Luxury has been spilling into the SUV and pickup truck arena for years, and it doesn’t appear that high fuel costs or economic woes are dampening the interest in feature-laden trucks with big price tags. Read More


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