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Luxury villas in Corfu

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If you are planning to spend your vacations in the Eastern Coastal area of Greece then, Corfu island is the best location to make your vacation memorable . Most of the people might not know this fact that you can spend your dream vacation at affordable prices in private villas. These private villas provide you the luxury class private services e.g. a private pool. If you are having proper knowledge about private villas then it can be an exciting experience for you as you would be getting the luxury services and that too in a private villa which will cost you less than a hotel room.

Below mention tips can help you in making your vacation unforgettable by selecting Luxury villas in Corfu:


Green Island –Corfu :

Corfu is also known as green islands , very well known for herbs, olives , Greek vegetables and freshly caught fishes etc. Nutritious cuisine of Corfu also attracts many visitors towards itself.

Luxury Villas in Corfu :

Corfu is having ample of beautiful villas that can make your vacation a memorable one forever. Most of the villas are located among the tourist spots like Kasiopi and Sidhari. No doubt , if you are seeking a luxury class experience of sitting beside pool and enjoying the panoramic view of sunset then Corfu is the best place as per your requirement. The best season to visit Corfu Island is summer because a cool breeze from seashore can take you to some other world of refreshment.

Incredible Accomodation

Thousands of private villas are there in Corfu as per your luxuries. They provide you luxury accommodation including spacious living area, private pool facility , private kitchen and of course the fascinating view of nature’s beauty from there . For some people vacation on a beautiful island means a better way out to get relieved from stress and other day to day factors. You can do meditation and relax yourself in the cool breeze of Corfu island.

Pamper Yourself With Food

If you want to make your guests or companion comfortable with the Corfoit cuisine then you can try your hand in the private kitchen of your villa . Traditionally, the leg piece of lamb mixed with rosemary is served with the delicious sauce made up of fresh lemons and eggs.

You can hire a ferry from Greece so as to enjoy the beauty of Green island i.e. Corfu. Private rental villas are gaining popularity day by day as they are the best suited place for couples who want to go on a short break from their daily routine . Villas are a great place to spend a vacation . They are not only meant for couples , rather you can have a great time with your family as they provide each and every facility as per your requirement for staying together. This can’t be made possible in the case of hotels as they provide you with individual rooms .

Thus , you can have an idea how you can spend your vacation at an affordable price by taking the services of Private Rental Villas in this part of the globe.

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My Private Villas Ltd

Luxury villa Corfu
My Private Villas Ltd

My Private Villas Ltd

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