Explore the natural beauty of Indian National Parks

India is a vast countries of very endangered species of fauna and also very species of flora is also available. It is one of the perfect place for the wild life enthusiasts and nature lovers. In India you can explore 400 wild life sanctuaries and 40 national parks. Adventure of India national parks will give you a chance to play some exciting adventurous sports and the wildest endangered species moving around in their natural habitat.

national parks in India You can also perform some adventure activities during your tour like Angling and Fishing, Cycling and Motor Biking, Camel Safari, Gliding, Mountaineering, Scuba Diving and Snorkeling, Trekking and skiing etc during your wild life tour. This will give you an extraordinary experience of your life. You can also explore the adventure of national parks through different wild life safaris like elephant safari, horse safari, camel safari and jeep safari that will doubles your enjoyment during your wild life tour. Some of the famous national parks in India are as given below.

Periyar National Park: It is one of the famous national park of south India which is located at the state Kerala. This national park is very much famous for its most endangered tiger reserve and elephant reserve. In this national park is mainly attracted for its natural scenery.

wildlife tour India Ranthambore National Park: This famous tiger reserve is located at the sewai Madhopur district of Rajasthan state. In this national park you also found some other species of mammals and jeep safaris are used for the transportation to travel the park.

Besides all the national park in India Jim Corbett national park in India have its special features. This national park is located at the foothills of Himalayas that is in the state Uttarkhand. This national part was established in 1936 and it contains 575 avian species, 33 reptile species,50 mammal species, 7 amphibians and 488 different species of plants are available here. This national park is mainly famous for its endangered tigers. You will use the jeep safari during your travel in this national park.


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