Exploring the West Indies in Luxury: 5 Spectacular Caribbean Destinations

While the luxury travel industry took a significant hit during the Great Recession, there are signs that it is beginning to recover in line with the global economy. So not only are a growing number of citizens in developed economies such as the U.S. and UK looking to travel internationally, but there is also a widening demographic that is willing to invest in high end, luxury travel.


You cannot get much more luxurious than the Caribbean, for example, which remains one of the most sought after travel destinations for anyone with enough disposable income. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the regions most breathtaking destinations and the reasons behind their luxury appeal: -


Caneel Bay, on the Island of St. John


The island of St. John is renowned throughout the world as a luxurious and spellbinding location, with acres of tropical jungle and alluring enclaves. It is the ideal destination for anyone who wishes to experience adventure on their Caribbean trip, as region’s landscape and terrain is as challenging to navigate as it is beautiful. It is also a place of tremendous calm and serenity, where visitors can feel at one with nature.


Atlantis in St. James, Barbados


Soaring like a phoenix from the flames, Atlantis is a resort that rises from the ocean with breathtaking natural beauty. Named after the mythical city that sank and disappeared without trace more than 11,000 years ago, it boasts 3 miles of golden coastline and access to the picturesque and tranquil Cabbage Beach. This is a luxury traveller’s paradise, especially for those who happen to enjoy a host of water sports.


Royal Westmoreland in St. James


Located in a prime location on the prestigious West Coast of Barbados, Royal Westmoreland is a world class spa resort which captures the best elements of luxury living and captivating Bajan culture. Surrounding by beautiful landscape and golden beaches, this award winning destination also boasts the most advanced golf course in the whole of the Caribbean.


San Juan in Puerto Rico


Rather than make the difficult choice between visiting somewhere sunny or a place that is rich in cultural heritage, why not strive to both next summer? The Puerto Rican capital of San Juan is a diverse and fascinating location, blessed with golden, sun-kissed coastlines and state of the art contemporary galleries. The regions architecture is also something to be believed, as it ranges from Spanish colonial structures the very finest in 20th century Art Deco.


Negril in Jamaica


If you are committed to booking a luxury beach trip next summer, you should consider planning a trip to the highly sought after destination of Negril in Jamaica. Home to the world famous Seven Mile Beach, it boasts a far-reaching coastline that is often overlapped by tranquil ocean waters that are the deepest shade of blue. With horseback riding and scuba diving also available for those with more active tendencies, Negril has something to suit every kind of luxury traveller.


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