Exploring Three Thousand Animals Over 7 1/2 Acres

What more fun could you have the spending a leisurely day with the animals.  With such a vast amount of exhibits at the Brookfield Zoo trust me you'll be spending the entire day in amazement.  There are so many things to do here you just can't get it all done the first visit.  So plan your day wisely and take in as many of the wonders as you can.

Spend your time seeing the dolphins in action or taking a motor safari (pass lasts all day long) around the park.  There is a wonderful children's zoo that is a "hands on" zoo where they can actually interact with the animals.  If your not faint at heart or have a fear of the animals you can even join the staff in feeding some of them behind the scenes.

If you have the need to rest for awhile and you've worked up a good appetite, there are several restaurants located throughout the park  From a good sit down meal or a quick snack.  However a few of them are seasonal.  Along with all the great food you'll find plenty of shopping.  Souvenier stores are in abundance and offer a wide variety of gifts and treasures for you to take home.  The zoo has many events that happen during the year so be sure to check their calendar.

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