Eye catching Designer Kitchens

Kitchen is a place which in a home has the added significance because without it one just cannot dream of having a home as we cannot survive without having food and this is the place where the meals are prepared- whether a home, a restaurant, eating joint etc. It is the place where the ladies spend most of their time as they relish cooking and love to serve delicacies to their family members.


It eats almost into 1/4thof the total construction cost of a home as it has to has many appliances and gadgets like cooking range with proper gas supply for baking meals comprised of: vegetables or meat- depends upon your liking, taste, tea-coffee-pasta-puddings; chimneys to ooze the smoke out; water purifiers for hygienic drinking water; dish washer to clean the dirty utensils, refrigerator: to store milk, milk products, baked meals, fruits, vegetables, medicines; wash basin (sink) with designer taps; electric appliances like microwave to bake or warm the cooked meals; mixer, grinder for grinding, mixing purposes. They should be of good quality- sturdy so we should take extra care about them because they are lifetime possession and cannot replaced with the blink of an eye lid. Everyone loves to have innovative and designer kitchen.


KITCHENS BY DESIGN KITCHENS BATH –a family business, stationed in Bath and Bristol, have the expertise, experience, ability and great knowledge to offer to its customers the very best service available in the market. They either hand-draw the designs for kitchen or generate them through the computer as per the requirement and suitability of its customers before giving final shape.


We should first of all make up our mind, take care of our finances/budget within whose parameters we have to get the kitchen installed as these can be contemporary, modular, classical, simple and designer - cost effective but we should not compromise on our needs. One should take every minutest care and take the express advice and consultation of the home maker before getting them installed as per their lay out, specifications, space available, requirements and budget so that they do not make big hole in our pocket. We can design them on our provided we can take some extra time out of our buy schedule.

Proper lightening, décor, counter tops, fruit baskets, doors, windows, ventilators and flooring add to its beauty. The lightening system and ventilation units should be placed in such a manner that they do not choke us out. Inlet of fresh refreshing air through the windows should be taken care of.

Cleanliness is one of the major aspects to add to the aesthetic value of the kitchen.  Broom should be used to clean the floors routinely. The cooking shelves should be cleaned after every meal otherwise insects, flies etc. will add to our woes and will make us sick.  

Dining table can be placed on one of its side where the family members can relish the warm dishes and enjoy the aura of the freshly baked dishes. It must be spacious. It can be an attachment to the living room or separated, as per our choice.  

The racks, cabinets and cupboards where the utensils and eating material like flour, corn flakes, cooking oils, spices like salt, pepper, condiment etc. used in the cooking are placed in the containers also add value to its look.


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