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Now that we are coming off of bathing suit season, we all still want to maintain that svelte figure you worked so hard all year to get. While the fall and winter are admittedly the most difficult times to do just that, we get a little help from BioElixia and their wonder product theBodyShaper Cellulite Contour Crème. Just smooth onto areas where cellulite is the most prevalent and within just a few weeks, the overall appearance of cellulite is dramatically reduced. The product is the first of its kind to be releasedin the United States using TPM Dermal Delivery Technology to increase the absorption of key ingredients like Caffeine, Vitamin A and Forskolin byup to 5 times. The result? Smoother, firmer skin.

Speaking of smoother looking skin, don’t we all want that youthful glow? Reality is, as we get older, our skin loses its elasticity, which results in fine lines. While we can’t fight the hands of time, we can certainly do our best to prevent as much damage as possible. This is why we love ASAP Skin Product Serums. The Australian cosmeceutical skin care line just made its American debut with three unique serums. We recommend the Super A+ Serum, which you apply to your face just before bedtime. At night, this magical serum works to help hydrate, repair and regenerate environmentally damaged skin while stimulating collagen production and accelerating skin cell turnover, all while you sleep. When you wake up, your skin will look refreshed with visibly reduced fine lines.

To keep your skin looking its best, we recommend Clayspray's Pore Refining White Clay Masque. Start by moistening the skin with natural mineral water and then dispensing a small amount into your hand. Moisturize the product into the skin and leave on until it dries then rinse off with water. This luxurious product is designed to exfoliate, remove impurities and environmental toxins while refining pores for a smoother complexion. The minerals contained inside the clay are designed to boost collagen with calcium to promote healthy cell regeneration, and potassium to help lock in moisture and accelerate cell turnover without affecting the skins moisture levels for an overall anti-aging effect.

Now that your skin is looking great, it’s time to make sure your smile is its best. Supersmile’s Advanced Sonic Pulse Toothbrush will get you on your way to a bright clean smile by cleaning your teeth so well that you will feel like you just returned from the dentist after every brushing. This powerful toothbrush has 45-degree angled bristles designed to clean under the gum-line and polish the teeth. If you aren’t sure how long you should be properly brushing for, there is a two-minute auto timer that will let you know the correct brushing time. There are three settings, including gentle for sensitive teeth, pulse to stimulate the gums and clean for a beautiful finish.

The fall can be one of the germiest times of year but you can keep your hands clean all the time with the Organic Male OM4 Ecopur Hand Sanitizer. While most sanitizers will dry your hands out, this waterless formula, which is clinically proven effective against ecoli, pneumonia, and staph, includes botanical ingredients like tea tree, rosemary and peppermint to keep them not only clean but hydrated as well.

When you’re traveling, there is no easier way to pack beauty products than by those that come in travel size portion. Even better are the ones that come in individual size packs like La Fresh. From makeup removers and facial cleansing wipes to insect repellant and nail polish remover wipes, we love these handy little wipes for our essential cosmetic and skin care uses.

The Organic Pharmacy knows how important it is to feel beautiful from the inside, out, which is why for the month of October, for everyUltra Dry Skin Cream purchased, they will donate $1 to the Breast Cancer Fund. This super rich cream is safe and effective for woman going through treatment with key ingredients, including Aqua, Tamanu, Chamomile, Neem, Marigold, Rose Hip, Shea Butter and Aloe.

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