Fantastic Things to Do in Sydney

Any visitor to the heart of Sydney should be ready to pose for pictures in one of the most breathtaking views across the world, such as the Sydney Opera House. Sydney Opera House is a spectacular view courtesy of its amazing architecture and roof that is multi-shelled. It is one of Australia's landmark structures. The Opera House is on a very picturesque spot by the Sydney Harbor where it is visible from any angle. A play in opera is a good way to spend your time although it is expensive, so people often choose to observe it from the outside.

You can have a better view of the entire city of Sydney by going up the Sydney Tower, with the ticket you buy including a three dimensional hologram movie known as "OzTrek", showing all Australian sites.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is a very famous landmark too. You can go to the top following a curved edge as you enjoy the memorable experience offered in a unique and spectacular view. You only need to be sure you are in the right physical condition and you are not afraid of height. While the climb is mildly stressful, the effort is worth it.

Beaches, beautiful at that, are also a part of Sydney. The popular one is Bondi Beach, attracting adventurous Australians and a blend of tourists. It is fun going to the beach and basking in the sun while enjoying the gret atmosphere. At Bondi, the waves welcome adventure and those who love surfing on the beach will love it.

Coogee Beach on the other hand is also an amazing Sydney beach offering a spectacular view of the sea and it is a walking distance from the other popular Bondi Beach.

If you like a beach that is well lined with bars and restaurants, Manly Beach is a perfect choice, shaped like a crescent. It makes one feel like he or she is on a resort as compared to Coogee and Bondi and one can arrive at Manly via the Circular Quay ferry.

Visiting the Sydney Aquarium is a unique excursion you will not forget anytime soon. You will find great sea life that you will hardly ever find in any other aquarium across the globe. It offers a submerged observation tank for people to see unique marine life inside a water pool as giant manta rays, sea lions and sharks swim around the tank. If you visit during their dinner or lunch time, you will feel like fish in the world of those sea creatures.

One tourist offer that stands out is the cruise adventures in Sydney. It has been said that if you would like to see the best of Sydney, do it from the boat. A cruise from the Sydney Harbour will take you below the Sydney Harbour Bridge, through the majestic Sydney Opera House as you head into the Sydney skyline. You can rent a catamaran or a smaller yacht and feel like royalty while sailing Sydney harbour. A cruise into the Sydney Harbour is a chance to take in the best of views as you enjoy a delicious Seafood lunch and swim the harbour.


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