FAQ's Regarding Mexico Auto Insurance

A trip down the long roads of Mexico in a picturesque setting is kind of a perfect holiday that you might dream of. And why not, it is quite easy to get there and moreover if you have your own car, such a trip would be an idyllic one. I have been writing blogs for tourists coming down top this part of the world. The most important thing that I have been focusing on all my articles is the need for an auto insurance. People often get confused and start asking several questions, in this article we will discuss various questions that are commonly asked by customers.

FAQ #1

Is it a legal necessity to get an auto insurance policy in Mexico?

No, it is not. But it is advised to get one owing to the laws of the land. The laws are pretty different and you might be taken aback to know that in this country, you are considered as a felon unless proven innocent. So in case you meet with a small accident or something of that sort and are found without a proper insurance plan then you might be put behind the bars and your vehicle might be confiscated by the police.

FAQ #2

Doesn’t my existing auto insurance policy cover me in Mexico?

In most cases no. Especially the auto insurance policies of other parts are not recognized by the Mexican Government. So you need to confirm tat with your existing insurance service provider. In case you find that you will not be covered as soon as you hit the Mexican Border, then you must get one.

FAQ #3

Where should I get my auto insurance from?

You can get your auto insurance online or while you are crossing the border. However if you have time in hand, then it would be a better idea to get it online. That will help you to compare and check more deals. However, if you do not have the time to get your insurance policy before hand, you can always get Mexico Auto Insurance while you are crossing the border. Numerous insurance providers have their stalls there. They also have executives, who will explain the deal to you clearly.

These are three of the frequently asked questions that are asked by travelers. So get a good auto insurance policy and make sure that you do not have to face any sort of difficulty during your trip to this wonderful country.

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