What makes a glamourous women?  Farah Angsana has answered this question with her Spring 2013 Collections which explore the many ways of being elegant with her designs.  The runway was like a magic carpet where each girl had a different mood starting with the Luncheon dresses with jeweled decorations on the sleeves or necklines as well as long gowns with red carpet aspirations that each made an entrance. 

She also reaches out to someone who takes glamour seriously. This rare lady has impeccable taste and is not afraid to show it. One gown was a combination of black and white lace and reminded one of Valentino at the height of his career, an homage to his use of lace, satin, and a flowing train of black chiffon.  Farah has an impeccible eye for materials and trims, and her patterns and construction were faultless; but her collection still had many things that needed to improve.  She was very inconsistent in her fashion ideas, finishing her show with a golden dress with a jewel incrusted bodice that had strange chiffon "twists" that were suspended from it and dragged on the ground. As an extreme departure from the rest of the show it was almost a disaster, and made a huge "Clunk" at the end of what was a very elegant showcase for her.  Hopefully next season she'll stay true to what she does best: Bejeweled Gowns and dresses for the Lady who lunches, and lives an international life of glamour where price is no object.  


Photos Courtesy of and by Michael Juster

Pikke Allen

Pikke Allen is a Writer and Principal Consultant for her own Content & Branding Atelier. Her passion for all things French is a tribute to her dad, a French teacher and devoted Francophile. She grew up on the left bank in Paris during one of the most fruitful periods in art, fashion and culture in the 1970s. Pikke has been published on a variety of travel platforms including 'Girls Guide to Paris'...(Read More)

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