Fashion 2.0 Is Getting Scary

Gaze Activated Dress

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I'm not tech savvy to really know the full limitations of the technology, but if I understand correctly, Fashion 2.0 just got downright scary. Equipped with eye tracking software designed to react to the gaze of observers, a glow-at-will dress is the first of many that know you're looking and respond accordingly.


A Montreal-based fashion designer has created a pair of dresses that react to the viewer’s gaze by lighting up and moving on their own. Working with glow-in-the dark thread, structured plastic, and super-organza commonly used in costumes for the Paris Opera House and Europe’s top fashion brands, Ying Gao constructed the spotlight-loving dresses. “The gaze-activated dresses are embedded with eye-tracking technology that responds to an observer’s gaze by activating tiny motors to move parts of the dresses in mesmerising patterns,” Dezeen magazine explains. But that’s just the start: Once activated by the viewer, the dresses move in a pre-programmed fashion. (Read More)


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