Fashion Choices Costing Airline Passengers Peace

Casual Airwear

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Casual styles are the name of the game in airplane travelbecause who wants to be stuck in a tin box for several hours wearing something that rides in all the wrong places? But some major airlines have started to take note, and aren't happy.Haranguing passengers overrevealing fashion choices, or targeting “improper” passengers has become a common pastime for flight attendants.


Faced with long line-ups, security checks and idling in the lounge before takeoff, even a short-haul flight can feel lengthy for travellers taking to the skies these days.


Perhaps in a bid to stay comfortable, many seem to have embraced a decidedly casual dress code when boarding a plane.


Media representatives from Air Canada, WestJet and Porter Airlines told The Canadian Press they don't have formal dress-code policies for passengers. But carriers south of the border have made headlines for cracking down on the sartorial selections of passengers. (Read More)


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