Fashion Experts Give Holiday Party Tips

Holiday Dress

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One part of invitations that seems to be completely missing from them lately is the host's preference for attire. And, even when they do suggest what everyone should wear, they are usually trying to be funny with their words, using phrases like, "Holiday Glam," whatever that means. Fashion experts have great tips for what to wear to what type of event, which should hopefully remove a scrap of stress from this season's get-togethers.


The sequins, a fancy red dress, the sexy black number –all the makings of a perfect holiday party ensemble.

Or not?

“People don’t know how to dress anymore –it’s anything goes, which is a huge problem,” says Marie France Van Damme, a fashion designer and author of “RSVP: Simple Sophistication, Effortless Entertaining.” “People are either overdressed or not dressed at all. They should be looking for the happy medium.”

The invitation probably won’t give you the guidance you’re seeking. Hosts want to kick off the party with cute conversation, not an edict about what to wear. Read More

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