Fashion Tattoos: The Industry Gets Inked


Fashion is inspired by art and some individuals prominent in the fashion industry chose to have art adorn their body by getting inked. Refinery 29 recently highlighted a few faces in the fashion world and their inspiration for the body art. Here are a few of their stories.

Sarah Kuhn, Designer and Musician, 3 tattoos

"I was living in London at the time and getting quite immersed in the music of that lovely, green land. I found a bootleg single of The Stone Roses' 'Elephant Stone,' which had their iconic lemon image on the front. Their music spoke to me because of its combination of dance-floor beats, '60s guitar, twisted lyrics, and loads of swagger and attitude. The myth behind the lemon was that Ian Brown, the lead singer, had met a French man who had been in the '69 riots, who said that lemons had been used as an antidote to tear gas. I like how graphic it is, and chose my shoulder as a nice spot for it. A tattoo artist by the name of Mr. X at Into You) did the work. He went out and bought a lemon and did it by looking at that rather than the image I brought with me! Since then I have had many people wonder if it is bicycle wheel, or...on the subway I get asked if it is a different kind of slice...a pizza pie!? Classic New York, ha."

Stacey Clark, Designer of Odilon, 12 tattoos

"I did two myself; one is on my foot and says 'whatever,' and the other is a question mark on my left hand. The 'whatever' tattoo is an homage to perpetually feeling like a reckless teenager. The question mark on my hand was inspired by the 1981 film 'Christiane F.'"

Bradley Soileau, Model and DJ, 55 tattoos

"The strawberry with the nipple isn't an amazing tattoo, but the story behind it is. It was done by my friend Thomas Butera who was apprenticing at a shop in Baton Rouge. It was Thanksgiving, and neither of us were hanging out with our families, and we were at the shop, drinking. No one came in all day cause it was a family holiday, so we were pretty drunk when this woman walked in saying she wanted something sexy, so Thomas and the woman shot a couple ideas back and forth and then, hammered drunk, I gave her the idea of getting a strawberry with a nipple tattooed on her, have the nipple dripping chocolate sauce, and the words 'naughty girl' in script around it. It was so good, I had to have it for myself."


Sidney Prawatyotin, Vice President of Fashion at Krupp Group, 13 tattoos

"Kate Young once called me a 'litter box of tattoos.' She's right. I have a bunch of them on random parts of my body that don't make any sense. For now, let's just discuss the bird on the hand. It's a cover-up of a cover-up. It was originally a pitchfork a few of my friends got over a decade ago. I loved it, but Marilyn Manson was big back then and Club Med commercials kept on playing that summer (for the record, I was neither a goth nor planning a vacation where you pay with fake money). Anyway, on a trip to Thailand, I decided to cover it up with whatever the tattoo artist thought would be best. The damn thing ended up looking like like a Batman symbol! I didn't mind until the new Batman with Bale hit in theaters. Long story short (yes, there's more, but you can ask me if you ever bump into me), I covered it with a bird, then the rest of the flock followed. I should've gotten seagulls."


Angela Di Laurentis

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