Fashion's Subtle Political Role

Davis' Shoes

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Though it isn't just Wendy Davis who's doing it, she's certainly the one making all the headlines following her epic showdown with her political rivals in the Texas legislature. What ties her together with other political protesters is her use of fashion – in this case a sporting pair of pink running shoes – to get their message across. This is a win-win: fashion is meant to be a tool of expression, and if it helps their political aims, then so be it. Expression is awesome, no matter who's using it.


When Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis made headlines for a filibuster opposing an abortion bill, it was more than her speech that generated buzz. Davis donned hot pink running shoes as she attempted a 13-hour stand against a Texas bill that includes a provision to ban abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy.


As Davis went on, her filibuster became a trending topic on Twitter and the shoe an iconic visual behind the hashtag #standwithwendy.


Davis' footwear joins a long line of apparel that has become symbolic of resistance, from the Trayvon Martin hoodie to Pussy Riot's balaclava face masks.(Read More)


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