Five of the Best Big Budget Adverts from Big Budget Brands

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There is a lot to be said for big budgets, particularly if you like explosions, special effects, and slick production. Unsurprisingly the biggest budgets are of course wielded by the biggest brands, the giants within their industry sectors such as Virgin, Sky and Jaguar. If you’re looking for all round incredible advertising these are the brands to turn to. Here are some of the best big budget advertisements:

Jaguar ‘Gorgeous’ Advert

Nobody creates a slick, sexy advert as well as Jaguar. The advert ‘Gorgeous’ screams money, luxury and prestige – the exact attributes that Jaguar wants to be associated with. The advert is a little pretentious, but it’s Jaguar so they can get away with it.

There is almost a hypnotic quality about the advert, with a lot of artistic merging of images, and repetitive expression. Expertly made from start to finish this is high-end at its best.

Virgin Atlantic Airlines Advert

Oh to be Richard Branson. The money, the private island, the ever expanding business. Not to mention the great television advertising that all this money can buy.

 In the latest advert for Virgin Airlines, Branson adheres to the ever true notion that money and sex sell. Not only is the advert extremely flashy and well produced, but the well-presented, highly polished crew suggest allure and luxury.

The super-hero backstory, that sees the future Virgin Atlantic staff destined to be the most dextrous cabin crew in history, adds an excitement and glamour rarely seen in airline adverts. 

Samsung Smart TV Advert

This advert is awesome; there is no better way to describe it. Once again showing the power of money when it comes to advertising, Samsung’s Smart TV advert knows exactly how to appeal to the average man.

Within one minute of advertising Samsung crams in rampaging warriors, a high-speed police car chase, a team of cheerleaders, quad bikes, cowboys, a football team, helicopter, wolves, chariots, a T-Rex, and the list goes on. This is excitement in an advert, and it feels like all your favourite action movies happening at once. Incredibly well made and choreographed, this advert is at the top of its game.

Lynx Space Academy Advert

Lynx has always produced very funny campaigns, but they have gone one step further in their new Space Academy advert featuring a dramatic rescue from a burning building. The concept for the adverts is that no matter what you do, women will always be more attracted to a space man; hence you should immediately join the Lynx Space Academy.

This is a great example of a DRTV advert that turns what could be a fairly dull call to action, into an action packed minute, combined with a dash of well-timed humour.

Internet Explorer ‘A More Beautiful Web Is….’Advert

You couldn’t discuss the best big brand adverts without mentioning this one by Internet Explorer. The advert charts some of the internet highlights over the past year, set to the energizing tones of ‘Too Close’ by Alex Clare. The advert is visually stunning, and shows the presentational standards that a brand like Internet Explorer can achieve.

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