Flat-pack versus Solid Furniture: Why Flat-pack should always be Left in the Shop.

People often tell that they opt for flat-pack furniture because of the convenience of it. They point to the fact that it saves time and space as you can assemble it when you arrive at the property and that you don’t have to struggle to fit it into the back of a car or van. Although I completely understand this point of view, I do find myself disagreeing with it somewhat.

Yes, getting ready assembled furniture up stairs and into lifts can be an arduous task, but once it is up there it can stay there for life. We manage to get sofas and beds up there, so we may as well get our other furniture up there too. Why sacrifice quality for convenience? That little bit of extra effort can make all the difference to how your home looks. Now, I appreciate that this isn’t always the easiest method of transportation, but, for me, it is far quicker than assembling flat-pack furniture and I will tell you why…

On countless occasions I have bought flat-pack furniture because my friends and family have convinced me of the ease and convenience of it. On almost every one of these occasions, however, I have ended up back at the shop as I have been either unable to assemble it or have not been given the correct equipment to assemble it.

Surely this completely erodes the ease and convenience of the flat pack option? If I had bought the regular option, I would have had it up the stairs and ready by the time I was back at the shop collecting my phantom screws! As well as this, after paying for my extra petrol and paying for someone to come assemble it for me, it has now become the more expensive option!

For me, however, the primary motivation behind the decision to opt for ready assembled, solid wood furniture is the quality of the product. It is undoubted that such a product is of a far greater level of quality than it’s self-assembly counterpart. For this reason, if we are trying to make our house a luxury home then ready assembled, solid wood furniture is a must have item.

I could not imagine working on a wobbly desk or easting on an uneven table and that is why I always buy high quality solid wood furniture. For me, the best in the business are Notation Furniture. Give their site a click today and see what they can offer for your luxury home.


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