Former home of Kung Fu legend to be sold

Bruce Lee is a legend of Kung Fu and his life was celebrated in the film Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story. Lee even defeated fellow tough man Chuck Norris in Return of the Dragon. Nearly forty years after his death, Bruce Lee’s former home in Hong Kong is set to be sold for a princely sum.


The sale of Bruce Lee’s last ever home comes after plans to turn it into a museum did not go ahead. The person who owns the property is the Philanthropist Yu Panglin who has described its current condition as being similar to a ‘run down love hotel’ and has put it on the market for $23 million. “I'm no longer considering (the museum plan) since the (Hong Kong) government is not supportive” said 90 year old Panglin. “I'm running out of patience - I don't want to wait anymore” added Panglin who was not paid for two years of rent from the former hotel owner who used to run the property. Panglin has also said that it needs to be refurbished.


Fans of the Kung Fu legend have been disappointed with the fact that no permanent tribute exists in his hometown. Plans were announced previously to extend the mansion but these fell through and the only alternative for the owner is to sell it whilst there is demand. So, apart from owning a piece of movie history, what can $23 million get you?


The mansion has 5,000 square feet and is in the fashionable district of Kowloon Tong. Unfortunately, it has not been given the respect it deserves because rooms have previously been rented out for $25 per hour to couples who wanted to be together in intimate surroundings. Although other reasons explain why people chose to pay such exorbitant fees, the mansion has not been given the respect it deserves.


Bruce Lee’s fans are hoping that if the building is bought, it does survive demolition. There is still hope that the Hong Kong government, or any other person, purchases the mansion and will renovate it to its former glory so that fans can make a long-awaited pilgrimage.


Bruce Lee died in Hong Kong in 1973 aged thirty two and, apart from a statue on the waterfront Avenue of Stars, no other permanent memorial exists. By purchasing this mansion, the new owner will be given the seal of approval from millions worldwide.



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