Fort Myers, Florida - Top Spring Break Destination, or Trashy Spring Break Destination?


Spring Break is ramping up in Fort Myers.  Hotels, Restaurants, and Resorts are hiring additional staff to handle the massive numbers of college students coming to spend their Spring Break in the coastal city.

So, why is coedmagazine calling Fort Myers their #10 Trashiest Spring Break Destination?  Hint: It has nothing to do with actual trash.  The Fort Myers Garbage Collection Services actually hire additional resources during Spring Break, too.  They have people patroling streets and beaches to clean up liter 24/7 during Spring Break.  The place stays pretty spotless.  So why are they calling it "trashy"?  Maybe it's because the infamous Girls Gone Wild used to do shoots there during Spring Break.  Maybe it's because there's no shortage of bare flesh on the beaches during this time.  Calling it "trashy" is actually an endorsement, coming from coedmagazine.  Their readers don't think of that term as being a negative thing at all.

Other publications, like the Saint Louis Post Dispatch, are calling Fort Myers a top Spring Break destination.  They put Fort Myers at #5.  

Orbitz places Fort Myers as it's #3 top Spring Break destination.  Orbitz's choice of Fort Myers is probably based more upon data than opinion.  They see a huge amount of travel booked to Fort Myers for Spring Break ever year.  

Ultimately, Fort Myers is a great Spring Break destination because of the three fundamental things that draw college students there; Sun, Sand, and Fun.

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