France's "Indomitable" Scented Men's Underpants

The Indomitable Underpant


Though no man alive will admit it, a long day in the hot sun can turn the land down under a little ripe, and Le Slip Français has just the solution: scented underpants. Allegedly able to detect perspiration and release a subtle mix of odor masking "musk and pear," "The Indomitable" underwear will face a tough sell. After all, if we won't own up to the smell, who honestly thinks we'll wear scented underpants to mask it?

There’s a company in France that sells fragrant underpants.


French underwear maker Le Slip Français began selling a new line of mens skivvies this week that emit a “musk and pear” scent when their wearer begins to sweat.


You get the underpants and they smell of nothing; you put on the underpants, they still don’t smell, but when you start walking, the underpants smell good,” the company said in a press release.

Dubbed “The Indomitable,” the sweet-smelling underwear come in both boxers and briefs, and sell for $51 and $45 per pair, respectively. According to the company, perfume micro-capsules are embedded into the cotton fabric, and continue to give off their sweat-activated scent for up to 30 washes.
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