Garden Water Features: Everything You Need to Know

“Water Features” is a term that can be confusing. People might think that this is a term that is related to all the properties that water has, like, for example, the water’s density, its color, the number of minerals it has, is it good enough for drinking, and so on. The fact of the matter is that the term “Water Features” has nothing to do with the things mentioned above. Frankly, this term is related to various water-related constructions, like aquariums and fountains, that one can use in order to make his or her living environment look more beautiful and in tune with nature. The soothing sound of running water makes water features, like various fountains, be a very good thing to have when one wants to relax, because this sound was actually proven to help and better the overall relaxation process. People, who have good aquariums, and, therefore, are into fish-keeping, are generally thought to be very successful (this is because a good aquarium is definitely not an inexpensive thing to buy), apart from being sensitive and connected to nature.

There are two major types of water features, depending on where they are installed. Therefore, there are outside (outdoor) and inside (indoor) water features. The outdoor water features are various fountains and ponds, while the inside water features include various aquariums and fish tanks. There are, however, indoor fountains and outdoor aquariums, but they are not that common. All of these water features can look rather traditional, like, for example, a circular shaped aquarium with one fish in it, or a fountain that is in a form of an ancient Greek stature. Nowadays, due to the very rapid development of technology in almost every sphere of live, it is only natural that technology played its part in the development of water features in general. Now, there are rather futuristic looking fountains with colorful rays of water streaming out of various individual holes, creating all sorts of impressions. One should search the internet to see what people can make using simple water features, like fountains. There are spectacular shows, and the main protagonists of these shows are none other than water features. By timing them right, people can make an entire audience be excited and delighted. A perfect example for this are, for instance, the water features present in the American city Las Vegas.

Water features can be classified in accordance to the style in which they are made. They are sub categorized into 7 groups:

1              Rock Water Features

The water features made out of rock come in the form of various fountains and waterfalls. They can be installed in an existing rocky environment, if one has such an environment in his or her home or garden, or the entire rocky construction can be included within the purchase.

2              Water Walls

People can make an entire wall have water falling down it. This is a very beautiful style of water features. One can either modify an existing wall in order to have this king of water feature installed within, or, sometimes, a brand new wall is introduced in order to install this feature.

3              Pots

This is a water feature that is found very easy to install. One only has to purchase any sort of pot (an object where water can be poured in, like, for instance, an inflatable pool), and fill it with water, and that’s it.

4              Modern Water Features

These are the futuristic looking water features mentioned in the beginning. It is not advisable to try and home-make this sort of water feature, but rather choose to purchase one. There is a great variety of choices to suit everyone’s needs.

5              Mosaics

A mosaic is defined as a picture pattern that is created by combining small colored pieces of rock, tile or glass. So, one can guess what a mosaic water feature looks like. Note that the mosaic itself can be determined by the customer.

6              Tap Water Features

These are traditional fountains, where a tap is used to create an arc of water. They have been around for centuries, from ancient times to the present day.

7              Spillways

These types of water features are used to form a construction in which water falls into a pond. That way, the picture and sound that is created gives the environment surrounding the water feature a natural look and the sound of water dripping is thought to be very soothing.

This is, actually, all there is to say as an introduction about water features. If one is considering acquiring one, he or she is advised to look for further information on the internet and in the nearest water feature equipment shop. Keep in mind that water features can be very expensive, but if one is able to afford them, he or she should be happy with the purchase, because water features are thought to be a very good thing to have. They are not only used to “show off” one’s success, but also in order to help with the often desired relaxation process.

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