Genji Brings Furikake to Sushi

Genji Avocado Cucumber Furikake California Roll

Steve Mirsky

Are you confused yet? Well you already know what sushi is right? Furikake (pronounced foo-ree-kah-keh) roughly translates into “shaking sprinkles.” Furikake are traditional Japanese seasonings typically sprinkled on top of bowls of plain white rice to add flavor, texture and additional nutrition.

Genji has been in the sushi business for 15 years….a milestone in the food industry. Since 1997 when sushi was still exotic to the American palate, Genji was the first to offer top quality rolls to the masses in Japanese-inspired grab‐and‐go style. Now Genji has sushi bars in 165 Whole Foods Markets across the U.S. as well as the U.K.

With Corporate Chef Iinuma at the helm, Genji now features 5 distinct furikake spice blends sprinkled on 5 different types of sushi. A savory Asian Curry Spice Blend (Yellow) with the cucumber and Avocado California roll; an aromatic blend of parsley, green tea powder and yuzu citron (Green Spice) with their Veggie Salad Roll; their classic flavors like Yukari, made with fragrant Japanese red shiso leaves (Purple Spice) sprinkled on their Tuna Avocado Roll; Shichimi, a fiery red pepper blend (Red Spice) with their Shrimp California Roll; and Salmon flakes (Orange Spice) with their Salmon Avocado Roll.

“These spices offer a whole new dimension to sushi rolls when sprinkled with their corresponding furikake spices because they captivate all of our senses, color for visual appeal, as well as texture and exotic flavor experiences,” says Chef Iinuma. Just another reason to visit Whole Foods at your earliest convenience!

Coverage made possible by participating in a complimentary tasting.

Steve Mirsky

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