Georgia May Jagger Latest Face of Material Girl

Material Girl

Madonna's Macy's-only fashion line has a new face in the form of Georgia May Jagger (yes, Mick's daughter) and she seems to be fitting the Material Girl look splendidly. I'd go so far as to say she was chosen for having a reminiscence of Madonna to her, which should help Jagger stay on board for the fashion brand for some time to come.

Georgia May Jagger has clearly won over Madonna and her daughter Lourdes, as the Brit model is fronting the design duo's Material Girl line for a second season. She may be about to set up home in North London with fellow catwalk star Cara Delevingne, but for this campaign she found herself whisked off to Hollywood.

Wearing a selection of pieces from the brand's spring collection including figure-hugging dresses and bold print leggings, the 21-year-old looked very much at home as she posed in front of the iconic backdrop of Los Angeles. Read More

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