Get Immersed in Spirituality with Char Dham Tour Packages

India is a land of spirituality and our rich heritage and culture is something that is a matter of pride for every Indian. It is the oldest civilization in the whole world and religion is an integral part of our culture. People consider it their sacred duty to visit various religious destinations that are an important part of our cultural identity. You must visit these places as you can attain peace and immerse yourself in spirituality that will provide you peace of mind. But you must start planning for Char Dham Yatra 2013 now as planning in advance will ensure that you can take care of all things in advance and enjoy a comfortable journey with Char Dham Tour Packages. Char Dham Tour 2013 will take you to Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri, and Yamunotri, most holy pilgrim park with Dwarka, Jagannath Puri, and Rameshwaram cover to the his route . These places are revered by each and every Hindu and you will visit these as part of Four Dham Yatra 2013.

The first stop on your Chardham Religious Yatra 2013 will be Badrinath. It is located in the state of Uttarakhand in the Garhwal hills near the banks of Aleksandra River. Badrinath Temple is considered to be one the holiest Hindu temples and is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Second stapes of Kedarnath place of lord Shiva. It located in near bank of Mandakini River. Thirds stapes you go Gangotri, origin point of Ganga, most attraction place Gaumukh Glacier then ,you watch the Yamunotri a origin point of Yamuna river holy pilgrim place of goddess Yamuna. you can come here from the end of April and the beginning of November only due to extreme weather conditions.

Char Dham Tours Package will take you next to Dwarka in Gujarat. It gets its name from dvar that means door or gate in the Sanskrit language. This city is located where Gomti River merges with the Gulf of Kutch. It is believed to be the dwelling place of Lord Krishna.

Char Dham 2013 will then take you to the city of Puri located in Orissa and it is one of the oldest cities in India. It is located on the coast of the Bay of Bengal and it is dedicated to Lord Krishna who is worshipped as Lord Jagannatha.

The last stop will be Rameswaram and it is located in Tamil Nadu. It is widely believed to be place from where Lord Rama built a bridge known as Ram Setu to Lanka. People come here to seek blessings at the Ramanatha Swamy Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.


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