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The very concept of vacation and travel is closely related to uncontrolled excess- too much of eating, drinking and little sleep. The fall-out is you become less healthy when you check out than when you check in. However, what constitutes a true vacation and hospitality is rewritten in this blog post. It is time to say goodbye to the conventional hotel gym with a broom closet treadmill. The hotel fitness centre is getting more spectacular and vaster round the clock. Nowadays hotels serve health-focused guest experiences which are much needed revitalization for people who wants to indulge in exotic leisure’s.

One such leisure bustle that most of the hotels are breaking out is the SPA TREATMENT, whether in-room or outside. For instance, a few of the hotels opening in late 2013, states that spa treatment will be unmoored from a static location and conducted in guest rooms. While a few other hotels use wellness concierges to map out wellness itinerary such as a spa or fitness choice to integrate a healthy holiday. However, if all these hotels, inch towards programming spas, they ensure that it is accessible, affordable and approachable. If you are curious enough to get an insight into the wellness itinerary, then spa takes the lead.

A creative blend of two effective approaches- bodywork and mindfulness method makes way for ‘MINDFULNESS MASSAGE’. This unique combination has a profound and positive impact on people’s emotional and stress level and is the most preferred form of spa in the majority of the hotels. The massage addresses the well-being of both your mind and body and helps you relax more deeply. It is an enlightened massage that helps people cope up with their stress level. Dr. John Kabat-Zinn defines mindfulness as; paying attention in a particular way; on purpose, in the present moment.

The way spa design their mindfulness massage leads to the core techniques of mindfulness-based stress reduction to help people get out of their head so that the mind-body connection and the present power of the bodywork can be experienced. The key components behind the massage are the breath work, body scans and visualization and a few other techniques that intensify bodily and mental engagement. Most importantly, it is a two way symphony directed by a trained therapist who does not think about how to give tips but practice what she is teaching. Not only she offers guidance regarding how to take massage to a mindful level but also ensure that she is fully focused and mindful of every action she makes.

Before you avail the mindfulness massage during your vacation, it is best to make yourself knowledgeable regarding the science behind this massage experience.  The clinical trial has shown that the massage can lead to a significant increase in the white blood cell that fight diseases and a decrease in stress hormone. The scientific literature also reveals that it has a positive impact to anticipate cellular aging. Mindfulness massage improves attention and regulates emotion. However, beyond this creative massage, mindfulness has integrated MEDITATION programme which is a technique for practicing mindfulness in a well-structured setting.

Life could not be much better if you can embrace the combination of massage and meditation. Neuroscience reports that as stress is a threat to the brain’s innovative thinking, this powerful combination can cause grey matter alterations that can improve your cognitive process and concentration. Thus, mindfulness and meditation can essentially create peak performance thinking and creative conditions. Therefore, a number of hotels are gradually becoming keen to assimilate this powerful combination for their guests to offer them the best of their time.

An increasing number of hotel spas are working towards getting their clients out in the fresh air. These hotels feature spa roof decks, meditation roof garden, eco-minded floating spa or even outdoor jogging track. Therefore, Spas are devising soul-stirring and creative way to re-immerse an individual with the nature. You can not only experience the magical treetop massages but also the tented spas established in the wilderness.  This brings you closer to ‘EARTHING’ or barefoot spa which promotes direct contact with the earth’s electron-rich surface. Getting out in nature and synchronizing with natural cycle not only deliver spiritual benefits but also helps to keep your mind and body in proper working order. Grounding the body to the earth’s surface soothes your natural electrical rhythms and aids in lessening disease causing inflammation. It serves as a natural blood thinner and foster healthy sleep.

As noted in the hotel spas, the trend of the fitness is gradually getting loaded with various fitness programs just like a chic urban gym. With the passage of time, more of this fitness method will move across the spa world.

You holiday planning cannot be better unless it includes relaxation with spa.

Emily Smith is a lifestyle product analyst who is also into personal care treatment. She has been contributing useful articles on spas, spa light, spa chemicals for her set of readers. She takes inspirations from Polar Spas while shopping around for spas accessories and home fittings.


Emily Smith is a lifestyle product analyst who is also into personal care treatment. She has been contributing useful articles on Spas in Calgary for her set of readers. She takes inspirations from Polar Spas while shopping around for spas accessories and home fittings. ...(Read More)

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