Get Sassy This Spring With a Sleeveless Jacket

With spring just around the corner, it's time to start getting excited about what a brand new season brings to the fore, and when it comes to fashion we are already seeing some sneak peeks. Hot off the New York Fashion Week runways is the sleeveless jacket. And before you slam it as being a fashion accessory item as useful as a bicycle without wheels, just check it out - it's the cutting-edge trend that is turning out to be as hot as summer itself.


The New Black


Masculine, feminine, dressed up or dressed down, the sleeveless boxy jacket is the ultimate fashion accessory. Everything you may want and need in a jacket; the zips, the flamboyant lapels, and the iconic style statement, except this year it's going on without any sleeves.


And although it may sound completely absurd, the look is really hot for a reason, and we promise you it looks and feels amazing. The versatility of the look means you can pair any sleeveless jacket with just about any style of skirt, or the ever popular short shorts, wedges and jeans for the trendiest urban feel.


Ways to Wear It


The look is taking off like a runaway train and whether you need a formal corporate look, a demure professional look, or are after something cheeky and trendsetting, the sleeveless jacket will pull it all together for you. It's a great way to layer your look without actually wearing too many layers, and if you have sleeved shirts with embellishments or detail, the sleeveless jacket is a great way to show them off.


Fashionistas are taking the look to every level possible from sleeveless biker jackets to sheer lacy lapels. Trendsetters are hunting down the ultimate boyfriend jacket, the discarded corporate blazer and it's off with the sleeves with a chop. It's excellent for layering when the weather is not quite there yet – or warm enough to go without anything except a t-shirt.


You can wear them over jeans, colourful gypsy shirts and even slinky camisoles – and you won't need to pair it with a vest or anything else, the statement has been made.




The great part about this season's must-have item is that it doesn't have to cost a fortune, or fall under the title of fashion investment to get you right at the front of the trendiest queue. This is actually the perfect look for any trendsetter who may be on a budget, I mean, who isn't these days?


Dust off that beloved over washed and worn to threads denim number you used to virtually live in way back when and chop the arms off. You can wear this with any colour shirt with or without sleeves in different lengths, and in layers for a fresh, cutting edge feel and totally re-invent your look with just a few snips. Breathe brand new life into old favourites as you jazz them up a little and your hot and happening spring and summer look won't need to cost a thing.


How will you be wearing yours?


Stephanie Hix is a fashion designer. She is always on the crux of upcoming fashions and enjoys sharing her passion for fashion. Learn more about the new styles in women’s coats here. 

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