Gifts From Yorkshire Come in Different Guises



Yorkshire is known for many things – among them, its history and culture, its dialect and sport, and even a little dog, a breed that descended from a larger breed in Scotland. The Yorkie has become popular worldwide and has even formed the basis of several new breeds. Yorkshire has given many things along the way. Explorers such as Captain James Cook, the literary masterpieces of the Bronte sisters, an enormous contribution to sports of all kinds, and Yorkshire Pudding – which is part of the meal that is regarded as typically English: roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, and two veg.

The Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier was a useful little dog back in the 19th century. It was used in the thriving mills to catch rats. Yorkshire’s thriving economy attracted many people from the north and south looking for work, and those from over the Scottish border brought several small breeds of dogs with them. The Yorkshire Terrier was born.

These were not really men of learning, and so the details of the development of the breed are a bit sketchy – but one story talks of a male called “Old Crab” and two females, one known as “Kitty.” It was not necessarily a breed that was developed purely from existing terriers, and because this new breed was so much better than the ones from which it originated, it was given the name of the county itself.

Big Daddy

Huddersfield Ben was a prominent member of the breed that was exhibited at shows in many parts of the country in the late 19th century. Ben is generally acknowledged as the father of the breed. As more people saw the breed, demand increased for a dog that is known for its bark and its confident air. They are easy to train and certainly valuable as good watchdogs that will make plenty of noise.

It never exceeds 7 lbs. and has a distinctive coat: black, grey, and tan. It is a popular dog everywhere, and other breeds have been developed from this Yorkshire breed. Its coat is kept long and parted down the middle of the back. The hair is never allowed to grow so long that it impedes the dog’s movement.

The Heritage

It is a determined little thing – it almost comes with the exact same characteristics of the people of the county, who are fiercely proud of their heritage. It is this heritage that brings so many tourists from all continents, and Yorkshire’s economy benefits greatly from the revenue that they bring. This comes in the form of shopping in the major towns and cities, payment for access to cultural aspects of the county, and even just the money people spend enjoying themselves. Many take away souvenirs of the county, though that really never actually includes the determined little dog that bears the county's name.

Yorkshire gifts comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether you are a proud resident of the county or just someone who appreciates its heritage, you can be sure to enjoy a Yorkshire-inspired souvenir or two.


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