Glass Trends: Frameless Glazing

Interior design magazines are filled with the ever changing hit list of the industry’s most coveted fabrics. Harlequin, Clarke & Clarke, Kestrel Lister and Prestigious Textiles are well known in the design circles as window furnishing continues to be a key interest point for interior designers and homemakers.

But what about your choice of glazing? Glass trends are fast becoming a more sought after design element as more and more people get a better understanding of architecture and how the art of glass can transform a space.

Let There be Light

Light is something every homeowner wants more of; they want more of it in their home to give the illusion or spaciousness. If they can’t get enough natural sunglight beaming into their kitchens, they’ll create an artificial alternative through clever spotlights and ambient mood lights. The truth is lighting is very important to the overall atmosphere of a property and a trick of light will do wonders for your floorspace.

Some homeowners even use the trick of mirrors to reflect light around the room, giving it the appearance of being bigger and more spacious.

Frameless Glazing for Your Home

This is luxury at its best. Think ultra modern, completely open plan living and contemporary glazing that let’s the natural light shine into your living space. Frameless glass curtains open up your reception areas to let the beauty of the great outdoors feel a part of your interiors. The look is seamless and there’s no better way to enjoy your garden.

Frameless glass curtains are ideal for countryside living or if you have a large, well kept garden that you want to enjoy all year round. If lighting is important to you, make sure you take a look at the frameless glazing options available to your style of property. For inspiration or examples of completed projects, visit FGC Frameless Glass Curtains Ltd online.


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