Go for a shopping trip to Dubai

Dubai is every shopaholic’s dream but I must say, if you are going there, you really should give yourself the time to be there.One weekend is too short. One week is optimal.Dubai as a shopping city is optimal. It is cheap, real and cribs (whatever you choose) and bargain-friendly, except in the malls. Everything is scattered in Dubai and the city is always growing so the best thing for you is probably to take a cab which will cost you about £1,5-£4 which is a really good price since the cars often are big and comfortable and what is even better is, when the traffic stands still, so does the taximeter. All though you will need to be prepared that it won’t be easy for you to get a cab. Especially not during the weekends, which are Thursday until Saturday, Sunday is a work day.

I suggest that you start off in Deira and also have a look at the vegetable - and fish markets. Stores stay open rather late but Sougen closes around 8:30 at night but some of the malls have open until midnight.Another great place to shop until you drop is Al Karama, here you can just inhale clothes, bags, fabrics, shoes, basics for a very low price. A good idea is only to bargain if you buy a lot of things. And if you think that bargaining is pressuring there is no real need to do it. No one is trying to force anything on to you. Here you can find lots of well-made copies for just the pound. In the enormous malls you can do real bargains with good quality products for half the price and brands you never would have found at home. Some malls you definitely should visit are Deira City Center, Bur Juman and Wafi Center and just take in the beautiful atmosphere.

The food halls are also to die for and very cheap; a perfect place to spend you lunch and rest your feet. You can even shop at the airport and find some really good things. If you are uncertain where to eat because you are afraid of the hygiene, fear not, you can eat almost everywhere here. The health inspectors are a lot more pernickety here than in London for example so you can relax. And because everything is so cheap you can get a high standard on both food and hotel for a great price. Have I mentioned before that Dubai is a city of surprises? People who come here every year still get astonished by all the things this city has to offer. For example, if you get tired of the heat you can take a trip to the Sunny Mountain Ski Dome. Yes it is a ski resort, indoors. With se thousand tons of snow and 1,4 million square meters we have an indoors alpine. And we don’t only have a fake snow world. Indoor rainforests, water lands and prehistoric theme parks, you name it.

In Dubai you get better quality the more you pay; the best fish restaurant - according to Time Out Dubai – is Ossiano but here you’ll need to be prepared that a one person bill easily can end up on £150. The best quality will cost you; the best beach lies by the best hotels and so on. But if you are up for a shopping week in class, Dubai is really the place to go.


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