Goa Beaches - An Unusual Combination of Tranquility and Excitement



Goa, the small state of India conceals the treasures of never-ending fun in its lap. With its sun kissed beaches, Goa offers various exciting and relaxing activities to the tourists. Thus, it gifts an extraordinary blend of serenity and excitement. Discussed below are a few wonderful beaches of the Goan land that a tourist would love to visit.

Calangute Baga Beach

Situated in North Goa, this is regarded as the ‘Queen of Beaches’. The Calangute Baga Beach is among the most happening places of Goa. Especially, it is the vibrant nightlife that works as a magnet to pull maximum number of tourists to the beach. Further with a gradual coastal shelf, it is an ideal beach for enjoying swimming. Thus, swimming in the low tide and partying in the dim light are two main attractions of this beach. In addition to this, tourists can visit the Kerkar Art Complex and St. Alex Church while enjoying at the Calangute Baga Beach.

Palolem Beach

The Palolem Beach is one of the top tourist destinations of South Goa. Being surrounded by the thick forest of coconut palms, the beach is blessed with a mesmerizing beauty. Though it is not a long stretched beach, it nowhere affects the splendor of the coastline. The famous water sport -Kayaking is the top adventure activity that attracts the tourists. Further as South Goa is considered to be very calm and compost in comparison to North, the Palolem beach organizes special ‘silent noise parties’. These parties are enjoyed at the Neptune’s point of the beach and are a big hit among the localities as well as tourists.

Vagator Beach

Vagator Beach in North Goa is among the best places to relax in solitude. Early morning is the best time to witness the beach in its true glory. Nature lovers can’t miss a chance to click the picture perfect view of the Vagator beach during dawn. The vivid red cliffs that look down on the coast and the two fresh water springs close to the sea add to the uniqueness of the beach. This composure is just one side of Vagator; the other side is formed by the ‘Crazy Trance Parties’. With this second aspect, the beach turns out to be the most adored place of party lovers.

Varca Beach

Being a part of South Goa, Varca is another unruffled beach. In comparison to other beaches, Varca less crowded and is free from hawkers; thus among the perfect places to feel the essence of serenity. This calmness of the beach allows the tourists to enjoy an undisturbed view of the sea. Further, dolphin watching trips that are organized on daily basis highlights the beach. Tourists who wish to spend a vacation in solitude, or couples with the desire of some romantic private place must visit the Varca beach.

Aguada Beach

Aguada Beach is one of the most fabulous coastlines of North Goa. When the golden sand kisses the deep blue sea, the sight is completely mesmerizing. In addition to the scenic beauty of the beach, the Fort Aguada serves as a tourist attraction. This fort is a perfect example of Portuguese architecture. Other stopovers within the periphery of the Aguada beach include Reis Magos Fort and Reis Magos Church. These monuments are regarded as a model of European construction.

Ozran Beach

It is also one of the most popular beaches of Goa mainly famous for its  natural beauty and luxury resort accommodation facilities. Ozran Heights resort, Casa vagator, Alcove, and Leoney resort are few most popular beach resorts near Ozran beach. Every year many tourists stay in hear and enjoy the amazing Goan beauty.

Goa beaches offer a picture perfect sight that gifts treat to eyes and peace to mind. On the same hand, the Goan parties, water sports, forts and flea markets make it a fun packed tourist destination. Either ways it’s always a pleasure to visit the Goa beaches.


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