Goyo El Pollo in Miami Beach

Goyo El Pollo is one of those dining experiences that will leave you satisfied with both the food and the staff. Quite often staffed by the owner herself, they will gladly help guide you through the menu of Peruvian cuisine, as for many patrons this is likely their first time trying food from that region. Since the location itself is quite small in comparison to many of the restaurants in the area, there is a slight feeling of exclusivity while dining at Goyo El Pollo, yet this feeling is far eclipsed by the impeccable staff’s ability to make you feel entirely welcome.


Some of the most regarded choices among the diverse menu at Goyo El Pollo are the ceviches. Fresh, delicious and of the highest quality, the ceviches are a must-eat item at this restaurant and forgoing the opportunity to try any of them at Goyo El Pollo is, to be blunt, a huge mistake.


Goyo El Pollo
941 Washington Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 538-3395


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