Grammy Winners Rock Billy Reid Fashions

Mumford and Sons

Najib Benouar/Kempt

With big-name Grammy winners wearing Billy Reid's semi-casual fashion creations, the designer can likely rest on his laurels (even if only for a little while) and bask in the glory that comes with clothing the band (Mumford and Sons) who won the night's biggest award: Album of the Year.


The red carpet at a music awards show is often host to the most egregious of questionable fashion choices—mostly because musicians have never been ones to shy from experimentation or making statements.

Which is why we were happy to learn that a few prudent musicians chose to wear Billy Reid—it paid off especially for the Mumford boys as they collected the big award of the night, looking like the sort of guys you’d want to hear crooning with banjos despite their British accents. The other group that wore Billy’s stuff was equally well suited for the task, being fellow Southern natives, the Alabama Shakes. Read More

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