Great Freebies that You Can Expect from Your Real Estate Agent


 Despite deceleration of housing market; realtors, licensees, and brokers are looking for ways to uplift their competitive status in such a slow industry. As a result, you can expect some services that are beyond buying or selling properties. One of the latest surveys shows that the real estate agents have started to offer many free services to sustain themselves in this market. However, very few people are aware of this trend. For example, a PalmBeachrealtor may do property value analysis for free. Knowing what services are offered for free aid consumers in distinguishing among agents in your area. Here are some freebies that you can expect from the real estate agents in your area.

Home Staging

A true real estate agent company specializes in technological offerings. Today, many realestate agencies have started offering home staging for free to their customers. Most of these agencies have a staging team or have partnered with such a team. Such agencies go out of their way to offer you suggestions for making your home more attractive to potential buyers. In addition, many agencies will charge nothing for taking you on a virtual tour of the chosen property that you can see online. This staging service is gaining much popularity with an increasing number of people searching for their home online.

Property-value Analysis

Most real-estate agents will offer an in-depth analysis of the property for free with the help of dataon hand and sales in that area for determining its worth. It is vital to know that value of a property is heavily influenced by neighborhood as well as by state in which it resides. Therefore, the agents believe in having access to the most recent sales and price fluctuations in that area, which can be very useful in finding the true worth of your home, rather than only depending upon online estimates.These days, most agents offer this service for free. By providing this valuable service, they build and sustain a good relationship with their customers. The service is available without any cost for both new and old customers. So, it is just a matter of going to the agent and asking him the value of a property.


Neighborhood Analysis

Apart from property value analysis, the agents also offer an in-depth analysis of the area in which they are looking for a home or other property. This is true despite the fact that the federal law does not allow the agents to reveal demographic details directly. These agents have found an alternative to this problem as well. They direct buyers to places or entities where it is possible to obtain valid information about the neighborhood. In this way, the buyers come to know about the reputation, pros, and cons of the concerned area to which they are ready to move.


Basic Property Maintenance

It is true that real-estate agents might earn considerably for a specific listing but this earning does not usually include property maintenance. However, a few agencies will offer some housekeeping duties for free, for the homeowners who wish to rent a vacation condo or apartment. The service is also given to those owners who have relocated and can't come back always for such duties. This service may include watering the flowers, cleaning dishes, and dusting. So, this is how agents are attracting buyers and sellers in the market by taking care of their needs and goals.

Simon Armitage is a Palm Beach realtor and has gained an experience of five years. He loves to keep people informed about the trends in the real estate market. Therefore, he writes posts on the related topics on a regular basis.

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