Gurkha: The World's Most Luxurious Old World Cigar


Photos Credit: Gurkha Cigars

Since 1887, Gurkha Cigars have been seen as some of the finest cigars in the world. The company continually tops the industry because of their very high manufacturing standards, strict quality control management and use of the finest tobacco available. Each cigar is handmade using premium tobacco that is aged perfectly, then fermented to an exceptional standard. Two of their most famous cigars are the Gurkha Cognac and the Gurkha Evil.

 Luxurious Feeling

Gurkha cigars are often referred to as the “Rolls Royce of Cigars” because of the luxurious experience they provide. The portfolio is led by the 94-rated Gurkha 125th anniversary edition cigar, but is nearly outshone by the 91-rated Gurkha Ninja and Gurkha Master Select cigars. With their creative packaging, few cigars can compare to the always satisfying Gurkha Line. Being referred to as “Rolls Royce of Cigars” doesn’t mean that the pieces are too big to hold, however. Each cigar is designed to fit comfortably in the mouth while still maintaining a quality smoking experience. Because of its premium quality, it is not shocking that Gurkha cigars are smoked by presidents, royalty, senior government officials and celebrities.


The Original and the Fake

How do you differentiate between premium and fraudulent cigars? The labels, colour and the packaging. The fine quality packaging available on the premium Gurkha cigars will not be available on fraudulent cigars. You can also take a look at the paper wraps and the tips. Gurkha Cigars seals are distinctive and flawless. No other company can produce the same seal, as the original made only in the Cuban manufacturing center. Always look for the seal and the right packaging before lighting up to make sure you're receiving the highest quality cigar available. 

The Grand Reserve

The Gurkha Cigars flagship brand is the Grand Reserve. Gurkha cigars have two grand reserves: the Churchill and the Torpedo. The Churchill’s length is seven inches while the Torpedo is six and a half inches long. The Churchill and the Torpedo are cognac-infused with Dominican binder and filler and a Connecticut shade wrapper.

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