GYR Style: Luxury Handbags with a Unique Twist

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GYR Style

Luxurious handbags are covetable pieces that add an enticing extra in any wardrobe. But season after season of slouchy, hardware studded bags can get boring. Enter GYR Style, a new crop of designer handbags made with luxurious materials and a little something extra.

As bold looks and structured and tailored pieces inspired by menswear turn up on the runways, GYR Style follows suit with a line of handbags drawing from a heritage in manufacturing and engineering for handbags that are at once functional and fashionable.

Rather than rely on a soft style of bag wherein things like keys and sunglasses get easily lost, GYR uses an upright model with a front panel, slide-down door that gives easy visibility into the bag's interior, allowing the wearer to see at a glance what is inside.

Not only practical, but also uniquely crafted, GYR uses sturdy, lightweight, collapsible CNC-machined aircraft aluminum frame combined with lightweight aluminum hardware provides functional beauty to create a look that is both durable and easy on the eyes.

GYR bags also uses luxury leather and a soft leather strap so that the sleek sophistication of a handbag is not entirely lost with all the structure and function of the clever purse.

The beautiful bags don't come cheap. At over $1,000 a pop, the GYR bags are designed to endure with scratch-resistant color and frames and leather sides and base.

GYR bags are available in bold color combinations, which are sure to get you noticed whether in the boardroom or at a luncheon.

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