Harry's Shave Kit Offers Smooth at a Fair Price


I feel like I've been using my electric razor to trim my facial hair for far too long now and after reading this piece over at REFINERY 29, I'm certain I will be picking up a Harry's The Truman Set, which runs at an astonishing $15! Talk about excellent men's grooming on a budget.

having is an art that ó apparently ó guys donít enjoy any more than the ladies. And, it seems shopping for supplies isn't any easier for them than it is for us. Luckily, thereís a new grooming line thatís paving the way for convenient razor shopping for mankind.

Harryís is the brainchild of good friends Andy Katz Mayfield and Jeff Raider. (You may recognize Jeffís name from his other little business endeavor, Warby Parker.) The buddies became fascinated with the idea of providing guys with premium shaving supplies at a fair price. Itís as simple as that. Read More

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