Hats Hot At The Royal Ascot

Autumn Phillips

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With everything from a cake-hat – yes – to more stylish and traditional fare that still would look completely out of place anywhere else, the Royal Ascot demonstrated the most bizarre and satisfying assortment of hats and accessories that the world is likely to see for some time. What is it about old ladies and fascinating hats?


Like any tried-and-true horse race, the scenery just wouldn’t be the same without some outlandishly large (and strange) hats. Since the Kentucky Derby is far past us, we move on to the Royal Ascot.


The last several days have been full of pastel separates and pretty prints, but let’s be honest: all we really care about is Royals in hats. Queen Elizabeth ll was as lovely as ever in varying shades of pastel, while Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie chose perfectly acceptable fascinators. But some guests took matters a little too far. Here are some of the wackiest and most interesting hats from the last few days of the Royal Ascot. (Check Out The Gallery)

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