Have Mobile Devices Changed the Human Race?

There are a handful of things that have changed the human race as we know it. In the past 20 years technology has grown by leaps and bounds. Science fiction movies from 20 years ago are now the reality of today. Computers are the leaders in this technological revolution; they are getting smaller and they are getting more powerful. Computers are also becoming much more portable. Many people never even stop to think that the one electronic device that they use the most is a powerful handheld computer. These little devices are smartphones, but there is another piece of technology that is gaining popularity and these are tablet computers. The question still remains unanswered, though: have mobile devices changed the human race?


Mobile Devices Have Made Things Easier

Mobile devices have definitely changed the way people do things. There are some people who would not know what to do if they did not have their mobile device. They have definitely made day-to-day tasks easier. Mobile devices have made things more convenient. People can communicate with other people on the other side of the world in several different ways using their mobile devices.

Many mobile devices are being used in the workplace. Employees are much more comfortable using their own mobile devices, and businesses benefit from not having to purchase expensive computer equipment. Mobile devices have definitely made things easier for us, but it still may be too early to tell if they have changed the human race.


Understanding the Impact of Mobile Devices

In order to determine whether or not mobile devices are changing people, it is important to understand how many mobile devices are in existence. It is estimated that the current human population is somewhere around 7 billion people. How many people have mobile devices? It is estimated that 6 billion people, which is about 90 percent of the human race, owns and uses a mobile device. That leaves 1 billion people empty-handed, but within the next 10 years that will all change.

Handheld tablet computers are also becoming tremendously popular. They offer a little more power, and more abilities than smaller smartphones. It is estimated that almost 70 million tablet computers were sold in the year 2011. Just like smartphones, the number of tablet computers is expected to grow significantly in the coming years.

It is safe to say that mobile devices have changed the way we go about our daily lives, but it is still undetermined whether or not these devices have changed the human race.


What Came First the Mobile Device or the App?

Every one of these devices would be completely worthless without the addition of apps. Apps are little software programs that make mobile devices so useful. App development is extremely popular. Apps are being developed for smartphones and tablet computers separately.

An iPad app development agency helps develop apps solely for tablet computers. Tablet computers are usually more powerful and this gives app developers more choices. As the popularity of these devices increases, so will the need for apps.

Now a new question emerges: have mobile devices changed the human race or have mobile device apps changed the human race? It still may be too early to know the answer to either one of these questions. Another 10 years might be needed to reveal the answer.



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