Hayari Couture Paris in Estet Fashion Week 2014

Hayari Gorgeous Gowns in  Estet   Fashion Week

Hayari Paris

Although treasuring luxury seems impossible in this harsh economy, it's incredibly empowering to know that some people are busy working ceaselessly, creating gorgeous collections, and enriching the lives of Women all over the World. Armed with a vision to evoke Beauty, Glamour, and Sophistication, the international Designers, Nabil Hayari and Hugues Alard once again celebrated the beautiful and exquisite 2014 collections from their Atelier in Paris, France, to Moscow, Russia, during the Estet Jewelry 2014 Fashion Week.

Hayari House of Paris, does not just make Gowns, but Gowns with Gorgeous attributes. They create unique, Classy, and Luxurious Gowns for the Red Carpet events, One-of-a-kind Wedding celebrations, Beauty Pageant events, and evening Gowns for a casual outing or a date! These Gowns are handcrafted and hand embroidered, with expensive French Laces, French Feathers, adorable ornaments, with lots of Pearls and Crystals, mostly, Swarovski Crystals. Designer Nabil Hayari takes great pride in his work, by deligently putting every piece of fabrics together with so much love in his heart. As you can see, the love reflects on every Gown created, as each Gown exudes Love, Grace, and Beauty Beyond Words.

The Gowns created for this Fashion Week are Stunning, and Delightful Divines.  Yes, they captured the true Spirit of Estet Fashion Week, as the Models radiates Beauty, in delicate  pearlized heavily embroidered gorgeous gowns. Each Graced the runway with a sense of social ease and proud Beauty, all dressed in sleek Gowns that are adorned with glitters and sparkles. Each Gown had its elegant ensemble, simply flawless, sumptuous, and stylishly adorned with crystals and feathers to compliment the fabrics. The collections are highly sophisticated and lavishly designed entrance makers, that evokes dreamy and magical allure, which is the "Norm" of Hayari House of Paris. 

 The Models are exquisitely adorned with fabulous Jewelries from the Estet Jewelry House to match, in fact they all looked Angelic with whimsical, and classic appeal. The intermingling of the Estet Jewelries and Hayari Gowns is like a match made in Heaven. And that is the concept of this fabulous event, the merging of the World's best Jewelry House with a Multi-talented Haute Couture Fashion House, "Hayari Couture Paris."

They said, True Love has a Name and a Color, and that's what happened. The name of the latest collection is, "Cannes Film Festival 2014," and the Color of the selected Collection is, Spring Color. The beautiful and Rich colors of the Gowns flourished like  Spring Flowers on the runway, adding an excitment to the event. The collections actually, dazzled, radiated, and illuminated the entire event with so much Beauty and Grace! And without missing words, the models displayed their craft, twirling, gliding, Swirling, and sliding through the runway with these exquisite gowns.

It was a Supercharged Weekend as the adorable Models walked the walk, while adorned in the latest collections of Hayari's Sumptuous Gowns, and accessorized with the treasured and the most fabulous Jewelries in the World, "The Estet Jewelries." Although, this is not the first time Hayari Gowns are showcased during the Estet Fashion Week, it was indeed, a fresh look, with a highly sophisticated attributes, and the most entertaining surprises of the evening. Mostly, a much more softer, subtle, rich and prominent style. In Fact, an archetypal image that is  hard to forget.

The Multi-Talented Designers reimagined the uniqueness of the many facets of the best thing that happened to the Fashion industry in this Era. I must applaud these men because they have worked ceaselessly and gave their all to bring glamour to this unique event. As always, we celebrate the few that continually inspire us, but Hayari's achievement are anything but ordinary, because they pave the way for the future generations in the Fashion Industry.

Hayari Paris

Hayari Couture Paris Gorgeous Gowns during the Estet Jewelry Fashion week
Hayari paris

Hayari Couture Paris Masterpiece in the Estet Jewelry Fashion Week
Hayari Paris

Super Model Alisa Krylova, in an exquisitely designed Hayari Couture Masterpiece!!
Hayari Paris

Hayari Couture Gorgeous Gown!
Hayari Paris

Hayari Couture Intricately designed Gown!
Hayari Paris

Hayari Couture Gorgeous Ebony Gown!
Hayari Paris

Hayari Couture's Adorable Gown!
Hayari Paris

Hayari Couture's collections!
Hayari Paris

Super Model Alisa Krylova in an exquisitely designed Masterpiece!

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