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Healthy Food

We all strive to be better, we want to feel great. It is almost like an innate desire built into all of us, the aversion to pain, and seeking of happiness and success. There are many variations on what people call success, ranging from being a rock star or celebrity, to being a wealthy business person, or even a monk sitting in a monastery. Success is different to everyone on one level, but there is a kind of success that we all want, that remains the same, and that is health and happiness.

Although happiness comes in many forms, shapes and sizes, health on the other hand is the same for everyone. A healthy functioning organism is the foundation of all success. To achieve happiness, first we must be healthy, to achieve the best we can in business, we must have health, so our minds can perform at their best, and our bodies can stand the stress of the job. Health is vital.

But is the path to health something that has many roads leading to it, just like happiness, or is there a more simple straight forward route? Given that we are all humans, with the same kind of bodies, functioning in the same way, there must be some fundamental aspects to health that apply to all of us. And there are.

We all have bodies that want to absorb nutrition and eliminate wastes. It's very simple. If either of these functions is impaired, then our health is not as good as it could be. And if this impairment continues for an extended time, then sickness can set in. In fact sickness is a sure sign that one of these functions is indeed impaired. That is why the western world has such high rates of obesity, heart disease and diabetes, something the poorer countries lack. It's our diet, and the disease matches the food. Consuming a diet rich in animal products has it's price. Our poorer neighbors subsisting on rice, fruit, vegetables and beans are more advanced in some ways, as their lack of finances limits their ability to purchase processed and animal foods.

Although these views have been the topic of debate over the years, the evidence is indisputable. Dr. T. Colin Campbell ( discovered this when he set out on his journey to rural China to prove that eating lots of animal protein was compulsory for good health. The result was a book called The China Study, which now confirms the opposite. Animal protein causes many of today's diseases.

So why is eating animals and their by products not contributing to good health? The answer lies in our anatomy, we have the digestive system of a vegetarian. Our teeth are flat and blunt, we don't have claws, our stomach acid is weak (relative to a cats'), and our long digestive system is perfect for digesting vegetable matter, not meat. When we eat meat, it is not properly broken down by the stomach acid, from there it enters the small intestines, causing all kinds of problems due to it's zero fiber content, high fat, high cholesterol, and undigested proteins. By halfway through the body it is rotting and seeping toxins into our bloodstream.

So the solution ultimately is to undo the damage of the years gone by, and to shift towards plant based eating. Detoxing the body can also rapidly undo some of the damage by assisting the digestive function to heal itself. Also consuming lots of fruits and vegetables will bring untold benefits to whomever enjoys their flavorsome presence.

So where to begin? The internet is full of fantastic information on health, diet and detoxification. A leading website on the topic is , which offers a wide range of information on restoring good health. Dr. T. Colin Campbell's book The China Study is available on Amazon and offers a fascinating look into the differences that exist between rich and poor nations, and offers a lot of great information that we could all learn from. Or for people who would like to perform a detox, there is a good organic detox ki here that has recieved quite high reviews and rating on various places around the web.


Interested in assisting others attain better health through natural methods. I have been a vegetarian for 11 years, and vegan for 8. Spent the last 8 years researching different methods to detoxify and regenerate the body with herbs, and diet modification, which culminated in the development of the Bio Cleanse Organic Detox Kit....(Read More)

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